escape with me (won’t you escape with me?) — part 2

Wide road, right ahead of us
Here with you, car covered in rust
Wheels turning, driving fast
Feel the breeze on our fingers as it pass

It’s almost midnight, my love         

Darkness almost covers us from above

Are you ready for our brand new life?

Are you ready to be my wife?

Let’s live tonight, 

live for the rest of our lives

Or we will never make it out.



Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. Too much school load. 

– byron


escape with me

Let’s leave this town,

With our windows down.

Sing with the music as loud as we can.

Don’t mind the exit signs, free your mind.

Don’t mind the things we left behind.

We will leave this place tonight,

Or we will never make it out.

baby c’mon.


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