‘Sausage Party’ – film review

It has been quiet a long time since a cartoon for grown-ups came out, I can’t even remember the last grown-up cartoon I watched. What ‘grown-up’ cartoons means to me is, it’s intentionally directed to adults because it has raunchy, crude, mature elements to it (though not necessarily sexual/dirty, but has mature elements to it) which separates it from kid cartoons.

Today, I have chosen to review ‘Sausage Party’, to see how much it scales on the implosivity scale. 

*SPOILER ALERT*  — there might be some spoilers, you have been warned.

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sorry, I don’t love you

I’d love you if I had a heart

I’d love you if I ever did

I’d love you if I knew how to lie

I’d love you if I knew how to love

Who can love me you’re out of your mind

I did it, nothing changed, I tried

I’ve been in the dark for so long

my heart and my mind, now gone

faded with the darkness,

as the light came through.


hey, welcome!

Just call me byron.


Hi! Welcome!

I’m Rhaion Banag, I am an aspiring writer still learning his trade, still working on getting a better portfolio for a better about page.

This is my 6th blog, due to the fact that I have forgotten, lost interest, and/or abandoned my old blogs, but I’m more dedicated, more loyal, and more determined to keep it this time. Hahaha.

I mainly write about my personal/random thoughts on things, such as, reviews; politics; NFL; and random topics. This blog will serve as my outlet and as my archive to help prevent me from imploding, but you’re free to read everything on my blog.

I know my introductory page is not that good yet, but I’ll update it as time goes by.
Anyways, happy reading!


Any comments and (constructive) criticisms are whole-heartedly accepted. We gotta learn, right?  🙂