hey, welcome!

Just call me byron.



Hi! Welcome!

I’m Rhaion Banag, I am an aspiring writer still learning his trade, still working on getting a better portfolio for a better about page.

This is my 6th blog, due to the fact that I have forgotten, lost interest, and/or abandoned my old blogs, but I’m more dedicated, more loyal, and more determined to keep it this time. Hahaha.

I mainly write about my personal/random thoughts on things, such as, reviews; politics; NFL; and random topics. This blog will serve as my outlet and as my archive to help prevent me from imploding, but you’re free to read everything on my blog.

I know my introductory page is not that good yet, but I’ll update it as time goes by.
Anyways, happy reading!


Any comments and (constructive) criticisms are whole-heartedly accepted. We gotta learn, right?  🙂