save me

bruised knuckles,
concrete walls

my world has fallen, lost all hope

overdose me with that dope

i can’t take it anymore, I can’t cope
no one should ever feel this shit

now I know I won’t ever fit

in this world full of people, I’m the only misfit

you’ll find my body by the creek
or in the red water in the bathtub by the sink

or by the old windmill where we used to drink

don’t feel sorry, this is what I deserve

i’ve done what I love, but I got burned

i’ll see you all in heaven,

where we’re all even

’till we meet again,

i’ll wait in heaven ’till then

– byron

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 V (spoken word poetry)

We strolled down the same path, that cold summer night

As the stars above guide us home, we looked at each other,

I could stare for hours

Leaves dancing in the air, one even fell down on your hair

I love that moment, that walk

It was so magical

Then, we stop.

Our bodies, we drop.

Leaves and darkness, our backdrop.

Ignored it all, small raindrop

Stars they shine so bright, we closed our eyes and all of it now is just — cropped.

Cropped memories that we crafted, now crap.

Cognitive functions stop.

Alcohol drops on my lap.

I’m trapped. 

Trapped in the memory of us,

And my mind won’t hush.

I know we’re not over.

We’re not over. 

We’re not over.

We. Are not. Over. 
It stings like a bitch

Like you have a sunburn and there’s a fucking itch

One of your best friends in bed with the person you’re with

Like biting your tongue with your teeth

Like falling off the edge of a cliff

Stubbing your toe, shit, it’s stiff.

I hate you.

I hate your existence.

This hatred is my existence. 

I’ve tried to let go.

I’ve tried to forget. 

I’ve tried to give back all the things that you’ve left.

In my possession are your possessions but I cant let you possess them back because these possessions they possess me.

Can we be together again?

I promise I’ll change for you.

I promise to do anything for you.

I’ll be a writer, director, your fighter, protector, a baker, a killer, money-maker. Anything.

Just take me back.

I’ve drowned in my tears

For I have chosen not to swim.

For I have chosen not to breathe.

For I have chosen not to let go.

I’m not good enough for anyone. 

I’m not meant for someone. 

And all that I have is myself

I can hear the ticks and the tocks in my brain

The clinks and the clanks

The beeps and the bops

It won’t shut up, it keeps telling me:

Nobody cares.

You’ll die alone. 

Kill yourself.

Kill yourself.

Kill yourself.

I’ll be alright. 

I said as I held onto my pillow, ever so tight.

Why am I still sad, my future’s still bright.

It’s time to move forward,

Move on with my life. 

Accept my past, storm has passed,

move my lazy ass up off the grass. 

Pain is part of life, but it won’t last forever.

A rush of happiness fills me.

Like feeling the sun in your face,

Like laughing so hard it hurts,

Like “that Friday feeling”

Like having a freshly brewed coffee

Like being a kid again.
As I stroll down the same path, in this cold summer night 

And the stars above guide me home, so beautiful, I could stare for hours

And the leaves dancing in the air,

One leaf drops on the palm of my hand

It’s still magical. 

I can’t help but, smile.

Hmph. It’s been a while. 
– byron

escape with me (won’t you escape with me?) — part 2

Wide road, right ahead of us
Here with you, car covered in rust
Wheels turning, driving fast
Feel the breeze on our fingers as it pass

It’s almost midnight, my love         

Darkness almost covers us from above

Are you ready for our brand new life?

Are you ready to be my wife?

Let’s live tonight, 

live for the rest of our lives

Or we will never make it out.



Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. Too much school load. 

– byron


BRB, you said BRB

Be Right Back

BRB, I’ll just cry till I fall asleep

Why’d you leave me?

BRB, I’ll just hit my head into the wall

Why’d you go without me?

BRB, I’ll just scream my lungs out

Why’d you tell me “forever”?

BRB, I’ll just close my eyes till it all fades away

How’d you fall in love without me?

Be Right Back. 

Please tell me,

You’ll Be Right Back.


social media — the ultimate equalizer

Social media gives a platform to anyone who wants to share their personal thoughts. Social media gives everyone a chance to have a voice, to make some noise, to bring our joys, but utterly destroys lives when used abusively, manipulatively, and negatively. Things spread fast on social media and it is a double-edge sword, it has the power to promote good intentions but bad ones as well. The thought of having or putting out so much information, so much information that people don’t verify it and don’t think about it, they just get more information to support it — makes me quiver because it can get very dangerous, so dangerous it makes one shiver.

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