social media — the ultimate equalizer

Social media gives a platform to anyone who wants to share their personal thoughts. Social media gives everyone a chance to have a voice, to make some noise, to bring our joys, but utterly destroys lives when used abusively, manipulatively, and negatively. Things spread fast on social media and it is a double-edge sword, it has the power to promote good intentions but bad ones as well. The thought of having or putting out so much information, so much information that people don’t verify it and don’t think about it, they just get more information to support it — makes me quiver because it can get very dangerous, so dangerous it makes one shiver.

Social media has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It helps us connect, reflect, and gain intellect; it bridges us with friends and families without any complications, it helps us build new connections. Though, It is so influential it can change one’s perspective. It can be used to make history, but alas, it can change it as well. A lot of people forget that social media may be a right but it’s more of a privilege, a privilege often overused, many times abused, frequently misused. Today, so many people over-share, they share more than enough; privacy is waning, it might even be dead and social media is holding the smoking gun.
It is true that, “Social media will be a part of the academic experience, whether we like it or not“.

It’s now part of our culture.

Change is inevitable. We are the agents of change, we make the rules; internet and social media, they’re our tools; We must use it wisely, not like fools, that’s why we are educated and go to schools.


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Author: byron

Hey. I'm byron, an aspiring writer still learning his trade. I'm also the fool on the hill.

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